Promote the gathering!

Spreading the word about the gathering

We’re trying to make sure that the food sovereignty movement is representative of all sides of the UK food movement. This means engaging with food manufacturers, fast food workers, migrant laborers and food bank users as well as small and medium farms, food coops and local food projects. ¬†And so we’re taking extra care to promote it to unusual suspects (as well as the usual ones).

If you would like to help us out please use the following resources:

  • Print off the flyer and place in your food bank, veg box scheme or local food coop (or other foodie places): Download here.
  • If you haven’t got the resources to print any flyers please contact with an address and a quantity and we can send you some.
  • If you want to hold a local meeting we have put together a guidance sheet. Have a look.
  • Use this template press release to get a mention in the local media
  • If you are interested in getting a speaker to come and introduce food sovereignty please email and we will see if we have the availability in our core group.
  • Share on facebook¬†

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