Food Sovereignty Course

Food Sovereignty – Each One, Teach One

3 Day Course exploring the principles & practices of Food Sovereignty in a UK context

2nd – 4th October 2015

At Brook End LAND Centre near Street/Glastonbury, Somerset (1hour south of Bristol)

Supermarket protest begining 690This two day course will introduce you to, or deepen your knowledge of, what Food Sovereignty means in a specifically UK context. It will also demonstrate the different ways in which you can enthuse others in your community of the importance of engaging with local food systems for social change.

What will happen over the weekend?

  • Together explore the fundamentals of food sovereignty in the UK, nationally and regionally
  • Look at the political and social issues around how marginalised groups are affected by the food systems of the UK
  • Examine the historical context of how food systems have developed in the UK and how they create injustice and inequality as well as obesity and poor food access currently
  • Look at a range of popular educational tools for communicating with your community
  • Become familiar with the different food movements in the UK as well as globally
  • Share best practice for designing and running a food conversation workshop in your locality

By the end of the weekend…

You will be a confident food system activist, ready and willing to support others to participate more in discovering and recovering their power to say what they want to eat, when, how and where.

What this means for you…

You are a leader in your life, your household and your community because you care about the future of food in the UK and beyond. This weekend will help you gain the skills and confidence to take your passion further. You will be linked to a centre for excellence in popular education on issues you care about and you will be able to network with like-minded others.

DSC_8045-630x419We will support you financially to participate and you will be encouraged to participate in the UK Food Sovereignty Movement, which will be having a national gathering in October 23-26 near Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, which is organising around bringing a change to the UK food system.

How to Book

Places limited. Please book ASAP.

To find out more email: