Videos and media

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Podcast from the Canadian series ‘Deconstructing Dinner’, discussing indigenous food habits and the failings of the ‘modern’ diet (1hr)

Resilient Seed Film the story of the European Seed Campaign opposing GM and hybrid seed and the criminalisation of traditional seed collecting and swapping (30 mins)

Seeds of Freedom the story of seed, through thousands of years of selection and breeding by farmers and into the modern era of hi-tech seed engineering and patenting (30 mins)

Food Sovereignty Now! members of La Via Campesina speak about food sovereignty (20mins)

Farmer to Farmer a journey across the US to assess the impact of chemical-based farming (20 mins)

Food Sovereignty Day: reclaiming our food system farmers from around the world explain what food sovereignty means to them (6mins)

Seven Pillars of Food Sovereignty an explanation of the 7 pillars of food sovereignty (4:30mins)